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Security Guard Services NYC

We offer high-quality security guard services NYC throughout the state, starting from small family events to security for major businesses and corporations. Our company is based in New York (NYC) but is prepared and ready to offer security for you no matter where in the nation you are. We quite twenty-five years of experience and have served quite five thousand clients and they are our satisfied, safe customers.

With growing businesses, schools, banks, commercial hubs and other places, the role of security guards has become very important. Narrow Security Inc provides educated well mannered, competent, equipped with modern equipment (if required), and highly trained Security Guard, who know how to protect business, schools, banks and VIP.

Security Guards can secure banks and physical money transfers from one building to bank. Which helps banks to deter robbers and keep the flow of money unhindered and safe. Schools, colleges and universities are the most sensitive premises compared to any other locations, because school hosts children from 4 years to any age group. Protection of our children should always be our priority. That’s why Security Guards stay vigilant and keep on eye on protecting schools from any unwanted or unsafe happenings.

Interestingly, as everything is going digital and big organizations like Google, Apple and others are doing wonders in building a digital-friendly and compatible world, they also need Security Guard Services in their building to protect their office administration and servers from any unauthorized activity.  Security Guard protects others before their own life, and never compromise on their client’s safety. We should respect and regard their loyalty with appreciation. 

Are you searching for the best security guard Services Company or guards that you can trust? Do you want the most effective within the industry for a competitive price? Look no further than Narrow Security for all of your security needs, no matter the design or size of your request.

security guard services

In modern times, a security guard must be, 

  • Honest and upright
  • Able to serve Client’s needs 
  • Always alert and aware of his surroundings
  • Able to keep you safe without compromising your privacy
  • Physically fit within a healthy weight range and exercise regularly
  • Able to react quickly to emergencies to protect clients and innocent bystanders

Celebrity Security Guard Services

New York is a commercial hub of the world, it hosts influential personalities, businessmen and celebrities around the globe. Celebrities attract extra attention from people which requires extra management of their security. Musicians, Actors, Directors and Producers visits New York for movie shootings, shopping and holidays. They require VIP security to keep them safe from any hazard and paparazzi for their privacy. 

Narrow Security security guards are handling the VIP’s security from many years and we follow international standards and procedures like,

  • Block the paths of aggressive cameramen
  • Escort celebrities to meetings and dinners
  • Identify potential threats in performance spaces
  • Accompany celebrities to music video sets and awards ceremonies
  • Stay with celebrities during shopping excursions and personal visits

This is the reason why a lot of VIP’s contact us and share their visit details of New York to us.  It’s included in their one of “the must-to-do list” of visiting New York for personal and professional reasons.  

Professional Security Guard Services

We provide educated, well mannered, competent, equipped with modern equipment (if required), and highly trained security guards, who know how to protect you and your privacy. Visiting New York has become more fun without worries of paparazzi and potential security threats. Your valuables will also be kept safe. When assigning security guards to your facility, we carefully consider all of your requirements so we are able to select officers that will work well within your organization’s culture. we try for the right fit the first time so our clients can get pleasure from the continuity of security personnel.

Narrow Security understands their client needs, and that’s why we provide Security Guard Services from one day to as many days you want. Get in touch with us and leave your security and privacy worries to us.  Our licensed, professional security guard services provide the highly trained manpower, which combined with leading-edge technology, produces the most effective security for:

  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
  • Special Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Shopping Centres and Retail Stores
  • Hotels and Motels

Narrow Security is exclusive in the security industry. Our goal is to supply you with a service that you just can calculate. Safety is a growing concern for several residents of New York and business share in this concern. More and more security has been delivered to the forefront of everyone’s mind and that we are here to make sure you get the protection that you deserve.